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Dressed in the Armor of God


This transcription consists of a folk-preaching sermon spoken by Reverend John Sherfey and recorded and transcribed by Jeff Titon and Ken George. It is important to note that the recording consists of two separate excerpts from Sherfey's sermon and does not contain the entire performance. The first recorded segment of Dressed in the Armor of God begins at 2:31 in the audio clip, which does not capture the beginning of his performance. The first segment of the sermon can be found and read in Alcheringa 3-2 near the bottom of page 13. The second audio clip from the sermon can be read from the second paragraph on page 17.


During his sermon Sherfey raises and lowers the volume of his voice to emphasize his message and punctuates most of his statements with high volume laughs or gasping breaths.

The transcribers of this piece used only a few indicators for how the piece was performed and received by the audience/congregation.

Titon and George made use of:

1. Margin variation

2. Text style (bold, all caps, etc.)

The transcribers also chose to include some of the speaker's actions and/or vocal elements by framing the with the “+” icon, such as the repetitive “HAH” that the speaker barks out for emphasis.


 Sherfey, John. (1977). "Dressed in the Armor of God." Transcribed by Jeff Titon and Ken George. Audio accessed via 

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