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Fifty years after the advent of Ethnopoetics, its goals remain crucial and relevant: “exploring the full range” of human poetry; encouraging “cooperative projects” among artists and scholars, across cultures and disciplines; combatting “cultural genocide” and “encouraging a knowledgeable, loving respect” for cultures “past and present.”

On the launch of the Alcheringa reissue in 2010, Dennis Tedlock wrote:

An interest in cultural others has returned to humanities departments under the rubric of Cultural Studies, but the favored others are close at hand, already living inside the metropolis. . . . . Ancient texts, many of them in nonalphabetic scripts and some of them newly discovered, stand in need of translations that do more than recast them in familiar alphabetic forms. Ethnographic reports are filled with texts that have yet to be treated as poetry and retranslated as such, and many recordings made in the field have yet to receive the close listening required for transcriptions and translations that pay attention to sound. Nearby and far away, contemporary poets continue to speak, sing, and write in hundreds of languages that are neither colonial nor sanctioned by national governments.

Dreamtime: An Introduction to the Alcheringa Archive

Read the 2010 essay by Dennis Tedlock at This essay was written by one of the two co-editors of Alcheringa, 40 years after the initial publication, on the occasion of the digital archiving at Jacket2/Pennsound.



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